Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To dry Plums

Take three quarters of a pound of Sugar to a pound of black Pear-plums, or Damsins, slit the Plums in the crest, lay a lay of Sugar with a lay of Plums, and let them stand all night; if you stone the Plums, fill up the place with sugar, then boil them gently till they be very tender, without breaking the skins, take them into an earthen or silver dish, and boil your syrup afterwards for a gelly, then pour it on your Plums scalding hot, and let them stand two or three dayes, then let them be put to the Oven after you draw your bread, so often untill your syrup be dryed up, and when you think they are almost dry, lay them in a sieve, and pour some scalding water on them, which will run through the sieve, and set them in an Oven afterwards to dry.

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  1. All of these methods are just so interesting and helpful. I also think it is a very healthy method of preserving the fresh foods we have. One can learn so much from your site.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a kind comment. I appreciate it very much. Blessings, Catherine


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