Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Turnips with Poached Eggs

1 bunch turnips. 2 quarts water. 1 tablespoon salt. 2 teaspoons chopped watercress. Some browned breadcrumbs. 4 eggs. 1½ ounces butter. 1 teaspoon white pepper.

Peel and quarter the turnips, and boil them in the salt and water until tender; strain and press the water well out, return them to the saucepan (which should be first rinsed and wiped), add butter, and beat them well with a strong fork over a gentle heat; add pepper, then turn into a flat pie dish, but do not quite fill it. Break four eggs on the top, sprinkle over them the watercress and a little salt, also the bread crumbs and half ounce butter broken in small pieces, and bake until the eggs are set, but not hard.

Note.--An ornamental pie dish should be used, as it must go to table.

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