Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Haricot Mould (Hot)

2 tablespoons sago. 4 tablespoons cooked haricot beans. 1 pint stock. ½ ounce butter. Seasoning to taste.

Place the butter and stock in a stewpan, and if the stock be not already very highly flavoured, add seasonings, such as a slice of lemon, half a dozen peppercorns, a good teaspoon of curry powder, and a shalot, or if curry powder be not liked, half a teaspoonful of mixed herbs, or half a tablespoonful of Worcester sauce may be substituted. Boil altogether for fifteen minutes, then strain, return to the stewpan, add sago and beans and stir briskly until it becomes quite thick, turn into a greased mould, stand the mould in a tin or plate containing a little water, and bake for half an hour with a cover on. When set, allow it to cool slightly before turning out, then serve with a border of spinach or tasty greens, or it may be allowed to get quite cold, then cut in slices, and fried.

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