Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Casserole of Potatoes

1 pound mashed potatoes. 2 tablespoons soaked lentils. 1 ounce butter. ½ ounce flour. ½ pint water. 1 shalot, or small onion. 1 egg. 1 hard-boiled ditto. 1 strip of lemon peel. 1 small lump of sugar. 2 teaspoons tomato sauce. ½ teaspoon salt. Pepper to taste.

Boil the lentils, water, lemon-peel and half the butter gently for one hour. Remove the lemon-peel and add the sugar, salt and shalot chopped, and boil for fifteen minutes. Make a paste of the flour and the other half ounce of butter, place this in the stew and stir briskly while it boils for five minutes. Then add the tomato sauce and the hard-boiled egg cut into the shape of dice. Have ready the mashed potato prepared as follows:--place it on a small dish and shape into a ring or wall about two and a half inches high and half an inch thick, ornament the outside with a fork, brush over with egg, and brown in the oven. Pour the stew into the hollow centre, and serve quickly.

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