Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brussels Sprouts

Sprouts. Salted water.

Clean the sprouts very thoroughly, removing all the decayed and outside leaves, and when perfectly free from dirt and insects, place them in plenty of fast-boiling salted water, and boil for about twenty minutes, or until quite tender but not broken. Keep the lid off all the time they are cooking, remove the scum as it rises, and be sure and use no soda. When they are tender, have ready a colander with a cloth laid in it, lift the sprouts out with an egg slice, and lay them carefully on the cloth to drain, place about a dozen of the best shaped ones on a hot plate or dish, slide the remainder gently off the cloth on to a hot drainer in a vegetable dish, and arrange the reserved ones on the top.

Sprouts are often spoiled in the dishing up, but no vegetable looks and tastes nicer if properly cooked and served.

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