Thursday, May 27, 2010

English Layer Cake

Bake 3 layers of sponge-cake; then mix some jelly with wine and spread between the layers and over the top and sides. Cover with a rich chocolate icing, flavored with vanilla.

German Spiced Rabbit

Clean and cut the rabbit into pieces; sprinkle with salt, ginger, black pepper and paprica and pour over some vinegar. Heat 1 tablespoonful of dripping; add the slices of rabbit and 1 sliced onion, 2 bay-leaves, a few peppercorns, 2 sprigs of parsley, thyme and a little mace. Cover with hot water and let stew slowly until tender. Thicken the sauce with butter mixed with flour. Let cook and serve hot with apple compote.

Spanish Fried Fish

Season and slice red fish; roll in flour and fry until brown. Then heat 1 tablespoonful of butter; add 1 chopped onion and 1 cup of tomatoes; let fry; add 1 tablespoonful of flour and 1 cup of water; also some parsley, salt, pepper and 1 bay-leaf chopped fine. Let all cook; then add the slices of fried fish. Let all get very hot and serve with boiled rice.

Swedish Cabbage

Shred a cabbage very thin; sprinkle with salt and cook in as little water as possible until tender. Then add some milk and let boil. Add a tablespoonful of butter mixed with flour, some mace and white pepper to taste. Let boil up and serve hot.

Hungarian Stuffed Goose Neck

Remove the skin from the neck of a fat goose and stuff with some soaked bread, fried with 1 small chopped onion in a tablespoonful of goose-dripping. Add chopped parsley, salt, paprica and ginger and mix with 1 egg. Lay in a baking-pan with a little hot water and bake until brown. Serve hot with red cabbage cooked with wine.

English Pigeon Pie

Clean and season some young pigeons. Stuff each with chopped oysters and bits of butter and let stew until tender with 1 onion, 2 sprigs of parsley and 1 bay-leaf. Then line a deep pie-dish with a rich paste; let bake and fill with the stuffed pigeons. Add the sauce; cover with the paste and let bake until brown. Serve hot.

Spanish Tongue

Boil a beef tongue until tender; take off the outer skin. Then rub with butter and the beaten yolk of an egg; put in a baking-dish. Add 1/2 cup of the water in which the tongue was cooked, 1/2 glass of wine and 1/2 can of mushrooms. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and let bake until brown. Serve garnished with the mushrooms.

Hindu Venison

Cook some venison, well seasoned, until tender and slice thin. Peel and slice 2 apples and 1 Spanish onion; season and fry until a light brown. Add 1 cooked carrot sliced thin, some savory herbs, and 1 cup of mutton broth; cover and let cook fifteen minutes. Then mix 1/2 ounce of butter with 1/2 tablespoonful of curry-powder and 1 tablespoonful of lemon-juice; add to the sauce with the sliced venison; cover and let simmer ten minutes; then add 1 tablespoonful of currant jelly. Let get very hot and serve, garnished with fried croutons and sliced lemon.

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