Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Potato Pudding

4 or 6 potatoes, according to size. 1 onion or shalot. 1 gill of milk. 2 hard boiled eggs. 1 teaspoon salt. 1 teaspoon mixed sweet herbs. Paste for crust No. 207.

Boil the potatoes, onion and egg separately for fifteen minutes, then slice and mix well together, sprinkling in the salt and herbs. Line a middling sized pudding basin with paste, fill with the mixture, pour in the milk, cover with paste, wetting round the edges so that they join well, tie a cloth over, plunge it into a large saucepan half full of boiling water, and boil rather fast for three and a half hours.

Note.--A vegetable sauce should be served with the pudding.

Boiled Rice

For Curries, etc.

About 12 ounces of rice. A pinch of salt. Water.

Place the rice in a saucepan, cover with cold water and bring to the boil, then strain away the water and return the rice to the saucepan, add fresh cold water and the salt, and boil for fifteen minutes, then strain it through a colander again.

Stand the colander containing the rice on a plate, cover it with a cloth and place in a warm (not hot) oven for two hours. Stir the rice occasionally with a fork.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Summer Pie

½ peck green peas. 1 cabbage lettuce. 1 onion. 1 egg. 1 tablespoon chopped mint. ½ teaspoon salt. Puff or short paste.

Shell the peas, and boil them in a little water with the salt and onion sliced. Well wash the lettuce, shred it, place in a pie-dish, and when the peas are done, add them, including the liquor in which they have been boiled (if there be more liquor than the pie-dish will conveniently hold, it should be added after the pie is cooked). Sprinkle the mint over the top, cover with paste in the usual way, brush over with the beaten egg, and bake in a rather hot oven for about three-quarters of an hour.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vermicelli and Tomato Pudding

6 ounces cooked vermicelli. 6 ounces mashed potato. 2 shalots, or a small onion. 2 eggs. 1 teaspoon salt. ¼ teaspoon pepper. 2 tablespoons tomato juice. 1 ounce butter.

Boil the shalot or onion ten minutes, then mince finely and mix well with the vermicelli, potatoes, salt, pepper, tomato and yolks of eggs, beat the whites and add them last, then pour the mixture into a well-buttered pudding basin, and steam one and a half hours, or it may be baked.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Purée of Apples

Very suitable for young children.

½ pint water. 24 lumps sugar. 6 apples. A little cinnamon or cloves.

Dissolve the sugar in the water, then add the cloves and apples (which should not be peeled). Simmer for twenty or thirty minutes. Then rub through a sieve with a wooden spoon.

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