Thursday, January 29, 2009

Free Recipes - Coffee Ice Cream

1 quart of cream 1/2 pound of pulverized sugar 4 ounces of so-called Mocha coffee

Grind the Mocha rather coarse, put it in the double boiler with one half the cream, and steep over the fire for at least ten minutes. Strain through a fine muslin or flannel bag, pressing it hard to get out all the strength of the coffee. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved; when cold, add the remaining pint of cream and freeze.

This will serve six persons.

Free Recipes

Recipes - Chocolate Ice Cream

1 quart of cream 1 pint of milk 1/2 pound of sugar 4 ounces of chocolate 1 teaspoonful of vanilla or 1/4 of a vanilla bean 1/4 of a teaspoonful of cinnamon.

Grate the chocolate, put it in a double boiler with the milk; stir until hot, and add the sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and one pint of the cream. When cold, freeze; when frozen, remove the dasher and stir in the remaining pint of the cream whipped to a stiff froth.

This will serve ten persons.


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